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TCS Education Catering Ltd

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Design Our Dining Hatch

Let’s Make a Splash!!

Your School / Your Brand

TCS Education Catering Ltd are your school meals provider and we would like to work with you to produce a ‘brand’ your dining hatch.

What is a Brand?

It is a phrase or logo that is unique to you and your school


What do you want your brand to say about you?


Over the next few pages, we show some ideas that other children have had and how we have made them fit into their dining hatch.


Talk to your class and tell them what we are doing, ask them for their ideas and drawings of what they would like the dining hatch to look like, then you can choose the best, or a mixture of several ideas, our designer will interpret them, have them made into panels and install in your dinner hall.


We are looking forward to seeing some great designs?


Gill Russell