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Menus and Food Service

TCS Education Catering LTD understand the importance of delivering meals to School children in accordance with Government Standards. Our menus are compiled to ensure that we provide nutritious and balanced meals to pupils (whatever their dietary requirements), using standardised cooking methods and high-quality ingredients to maximise the nutritional value of all meals which in turn supports learning by helping concentration and improved performance in the classroom.

Portion sizes are in line with the government guidelines and are age appropriate


 Three week menu cycle


TCS three-week menu cycle is bespoke to each your Schools, these can be 2 or 3 choice of main meal for Primary Schools.

Complimented by a self-serve salad cart.


We encourage one day a week to be meat free in Primary Schools


We ensure that all meals are balanced and nutritious whilst providing a variety of choices to pupils. The menu cycles are updated at least twice a year (but can be up to 4 or more times per year) to ensure that they utilise seasonal ingredients and provide popular and healthy choices.


We confirm that all our menus are written in accordance with, and fully comply with the current Government School Food Standards.


As each menu is bespoke please contact Gill Russell for a copy of the menu for your specific school –


 Subtle Healthy Eating


TCS endeavour to link our school to authorised local suppliers helping to support the local community and reducing the food miles.

Changing products – Our beef Farm Assured burgers and pork sausages are made by our butcher in compliance with the government guidelines

Our Fish is responsibly sourced

We do not knowable use any unsustainable palm oil or genetically modified ingredients

We continually seek out new products that are interesting and low in fat and sugar

Bread products, rice and pasta include Wholemeal, Wholegrain or 50/50.

Baked with care – Our main meal items are homemade, oven baked.

Inventive Recipes - Our home made products, desserts, tray bakes, and cookies look amazing but are made using reduced fat and sugar and added fruit and veg wherever possible  Yes! Hidden Veg!!

Meeting with students, customer surveys student council meetings will ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs, keeping close to high street trends, decent portion sizes and packed lunch service to reduce queues will also encourage the students to eat with us.


 Special Diet Requirements


Special diets are a very important part of our catering provision in schools. Special diet procedures are essential to ensure that the needs of each individual child can be met.


It is crucial that this process is a joint approach between the Child, Parent/ Guardian, School, and Catering Manager.


If your child has a food allergy, please contact Gill Russell- to arrange a consultation meeting.